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Jinan Guoqiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province. It is the center city of the south wing of Bohai rim and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. It connects Beijing and Tianjin in the north, Huning in the south, Shandong Peninsula and central China in the East and West. It is an important intersection of Bohai Rim Economic Zone and Beijing Shanghai economic development axis, and an important transportation hub and logistics center in China.

The company integrates design, production and sales, and has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of packaging machinery for many years. The company's existing products are full-automatic pillow packaging machine series, full-automatic vertical packaging machine series, vertical powder packaging machine, vertical particle packaging machine, screw conveyor feeding machine, z-conveyor feeding machine, etc., with its advanced technology, reliable quality Good reputation, perfect service has won the praise of domestic and foreign markets, our purpose: to help packaging demand enterprises improve packaging quality, improve packaging process, improve packaging efficiency, reduce packaging costs. We will spare no effort to make the equipment more perfect and customers more satisfied. Guoqiang machinery is willing to cooperate with Chinese and foreign enterprises and new and old customers in various forms to seek common development.

Since the establishment of the company, it has also formed a unique and professional operation concept and corporate culture, which have laid a solid foundation for the development of the company and will also describe a beautiful blueprint for the future of the company!

Company spirit: four industry spirit (dedication, occupation, specialty, Entrepreneurship), keep improving and pursue excellence.

Vision: to become a first-class packaging machinery manufacturer in China and Asia.

Development concept: innovation is pragmatic, transcends self and pursues excellence. Taking innovation as the basis of enterprise development, we should not only innovate in technology, but also in products, markets, management, systems and concepts. The basis of innovation is to realize it on a down-to-earth basis. Enterprises and employees constantly challenge themselves, set goals beyond themselves, and never be complacent. We take perfection, continuous innovation, excellence and excellence as our goal, which is also our ultimate development concept.

Business philosophy: Jinan Guoqiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the path of specialization, scale and standardization in the field of packaging machinery, with the business objective of "being the best packaging machine manufacturer in China". To provide customers with five-star products and services to improve the efficiency of packaging demand enterprises and reduce packaging costs. "Make packaging more perfect and customers more satisfied" as the basic requirement of the service concept, and propose to use "heart" service to think more for customers and do better than peers.

Technology concept: changing with each passing day

Constantly improve the technical level of employees, increase the technical content of the enterprise; constantly innovate their own operation mode, meet the requirements of the market and customers, and always keep the company's core competitiveness in the lead. Service concept: customer's demand and customer's satisfaction. The company takes "customer's satisfaction" as the standard to measure our service, tries its best to meet customer's various needs, provides customer with personalized design mode, turns customer's needs into reality, and realizes the maximum win-win! Talent concept: the best and most suitable people, we have always taken pragmatism as our starting point in talent selection. The personnel selected by the company is not only the best talent, but also the most suitable talent of the company. While these talents promote the development of the company, the company also provides them with a most suitable development platform, creating a harmonious and passionate environment for each employee. All employees are equal in personality and opportunity; provide a good working environment, create a harmonious working atmosphere and advocate simple and sincere interpersonal relationship; high-quality professional team is the embodiment of talent concept. Cooperation concept: respect equality to achieve a win-win situation. Based on the concept of mutual respect, equality and win-win cooperation, we are the best packaging machinery manufacturer in China.



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